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Bed Bugs are tricky pest that like to come out more often in the night and feed on their host, AKA, you. They can hide in some of the tiniest of spaces and finding them can often be very difficult. Our technicians have been trained to find the most common living spaces for these elusive creatures. 
Bed bugs can multiply very quickly and can very rarely be treated with home remedies and treatments. More often than not, we are called to resolve an issue after multiple attempts of unsuccessful DIY treatments.



A broad description of a roach is that the are typically .25 inches to 2 inches and have a flat, oval shape to them. They have 6 legs, 2 antennae, wings, and are usually tan to dark brown in color. There are 5 species:

  • German Roach

  • Oriental Roach

  • Brown Banded Roach

  • American Roach

  • Smoky Brown Roach

Roaches can thrive anywhere but are attracted to warm, moist areas where food is plentiful. Not only are they awful to see, they also can carry around able to carry and transmit diseases and cause other health issues. 

Roach identification.jpg


Please be patient as we continue to update our website.

Purple Chrysanthemums
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